Sunday, July 12, 2015

London day ten 28/06 || Goodbye for now

Okay so clubbing and packing didn't happen last night. We were so tired that we just watched TV and slept. I still enjoyed my last few hours in London. And I did this by having a family moment.  I have visited many other relatives and we ate a giant pizza at Cotsco (I'm not complaining). Eventually it was time to really start packing. 

I've saved this for last, because I have bought more stuff. I met Inga and her son before I left.  She also spends her last weeks in London and  takes the time now to say goodbye to her friends (read more on her blog here). It was so sweet of her that she also wanted to say goodbye to me with her son. I'm glad we have social media in order to remain in contact with each other. And I will definitely meet her and her son again. 

And that was it. Ten amazing days in London.  I'm still in love with the city and can't get enough of it. The trip back home went well. Again by coach and then by ferry instead of Eurotunnel. I arrived at six in the morning and still could enjoy two days off before I started working full time.  Yup, another Summer job (what am I doing to myself). 

Enjoy your holiday sweeties. Let me know what other country is safe for a girl to go to. I am getting used to travelling al by myself, so don't  forget to post your ideas and tips in the comments below.


I was wearing

H&M blazer
H&M skinny jeans here

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