Friday, June 10, 2016


Look how adorable she looks. It took me nine years to finally get an acceptance from my parents to own a cat. I will never forget 10 August 2015. I was so nervous and everything kept going through my mind. Do I have everything?, will this be enough?… But the main question was still: will she like me?. Let me tell you how that journey went.

I’ve talked with my parents so many times about this subject. ''I want a cat''. My parents don’t like cats at all so they kept saying ''no''. But this stubborn girl definitely didn't give up.

I wanted to have a kitten so that the little one could grow up with me and get used to me, the family, the house and our habits. My colleague knew someone that had three and wanted to give them away. So we made an appointment and went there together. I told it to my parents but so did I for nine years so they didn’t believe me. I on the other hand couldn’t believe what I was about to do. That day I was so nervous to finally meet her and to take her home with me, I totally forgot how my parents would react on it.

And there she was. So tiny and innocent sleeping on a chair not knowing that she was about to have a new home. the moment I held her in my arms, I just kept staring. So small and cute as she was. She looked at me with her beautiful big green eyes. ''Meow'' I was told and I started to smile.

Of course anything could have gone very wrong on that day. But I know my parents and the day I adopted my little kitten, we talked about everything. She is mine so I am responsible for her and anything that will happen or has to happen with her such as vet appointments etc. I feel very blessed, especially because my parents also accept her.

These are all pictures of when she was eight weeks young. She turned one today and it was about time for me to introduce her to you properly since I keep spamming you all on Snapchat with pictures and videos of her. So here she is (again). My cute and adorable furry little baby Chaton.


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