Friday, April 04, 2014

March favourites

Changing the season from Winter to Spring and also resetting the time an hour forward and all that in just one month. March was a very busy month for me with two birthdays within the family and more working shifts then I usually have. I am already glad to finally see more sunshine even though it can be chilly outside sometimes. The things I bought are mostly for the school trip I’m going on this month. Let me just show you exactly what I’m talking about.

If the sun shines or you know the sun will shine Dutchies (Dutch people) may be like “het is rokjesdag” which means “it’s skirtday”. I love wearing a skirt but I don’t like to show my legs somehow. Which is actually very weird because if I’m on holidays I only wear shorts and skirts without leggings or tights. I bought the skirt at H&M and I love the symmetric line on it and the zippers and leather fabric as well.

This big black hat is also bought at H&M. I like the sun but (sometimes) it can be just too much. That’s why I need a big hat to protect my face and not letting myself get blinded by the sun when I’m not wearing sunnies.

If I’m at the beach or at the pool and whenever I step out of the water, I prefer to take a walk and explore the place, instead of laying on a towel and get tanned (which I don’t need anyway). And these crop tops are perfect for it. I can wear my bikini bottoms underneath it and by night a pair of shorts. But you can also wear it underneath a dungaree. These are also from the H&M.

I’ve bought these bath bombs at the drugstore in the very beginning of the month during the last Winter days. You could say I’m a shower person, I love to shower. I worked a lot in the past month and on my days off I decided to have some “me” time and pamper myself. And therefore I took a nice bath. I normally buy bath supplies at LUSH but I skipped that since it wasn’t really Winter for me. I already used the purple one. Not only will it give your bath a blue/purple colour but it also makes it smell like Lavender, which make me just feel calm and not think of anything else that happens around me.

Essence nail polish

I buy Essence limited edition nail polish as soon as they come out. This time it was all about superheroes and contained colours such as:

This is a thermo changing nail polish that twists the colour from fuchsia to bright pink when the temperature changes. I haven’t tried it yet but I definitely will and of course show you.

This beautiful blue nail polish has a sand feeling and creates a rough surface on your nail.

An oil slick polish that reflects the light and changes the colour from turquoise to violet for a beautiful chameleon manicure.

Here we have a metallic polish with gold particles inside. I really like this colour and I can’t wait to do a nail art with this polish and show you all.

Another nail polish I bought which isn’t part of the limited edition but I just love the green colour. I already owned green nail polish but this colour somehow was missing in my collection. I’ve got a very special nail art in mind, and it has to do with the name of the polish ;)

I love the new things I bought and can’t wait to use them. I will also make pictures of my outfit of the day to show you how I combine my clothes.
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