Wednesday, July 08, 2015

London day six 24/06 || Sunny days in London

Like I said before here, London is not the first holiday destination due the weather. It's usually cloudy, dark and rainy. I am quite happy that I'm used to such weather. And I was even more happy on those sunny days I had during my stay.

I'm the kind of girl that likes to wear black. Even during the Summer. I know the colour attracts the sun and retains heat but that will not stop me from wearing black clothes. I was completely dressed in black again, but this time with red shoes. Which are also from Primark. 

That day we also stayed home. But the following days were very busy and excited. Hopefully you take lots of rest during this summer. Vacation or not, you always need some rest. Enjoy your midweek!


I was wearing

H&M skinny jeans here or here
Primark heels
Primark bracelet

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