Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday giveaway: Essence make up box (CLOSED)

The holidays are definitely something I love about December. Families will be gathered together, everyone is happy and there's a joyful mood in the air.
Holidays also mean getting and giving presents and that's why I decided to not just give one, but five Essence make up boxes away!! Yes, that's right. I'll make five girls very happy.  

The first make up box is ' How to make your face WOW'

I think it's so cute if I see someone blush. Unfortunately you can't see it  when I'm blushing but that's okay. That's why we have a blusher so I only have to put my face in the right light. There are two blushes in pink which is perfect for blondes and a peachy colour which is perfect for brunettes. Pull on the card to follow the instructions step by step. 

This make up box is named 'How to make brows WOW'

Imagine all of us without eyebrows. Doesn't look too pretty, does it? I know I'll have a different view on people. Eyebrows are the ultimate trend and the most important part of your face. Eyebrows make the face. So this make up box contains everything you need to keep them in shape. It includes a tweezer, a brush and three eyebrow powders and a highlight to use under the outer eyebrow and on the inner contours of your eyes. Use the card for instructions step by step and don't forget that eyebrows are sisters and not twins!

'How to make nude eyes' is the next make up box

Nude eyes are so beautiful and go with all sorts of lipstick. Pull on the card to see how you can create a subtle classic nude look in brown tones or a cool and daring party look.

'How to make bright eyes'

Some girls think their eyes are too small. This make up box will help you to make your eyes look brighter, bigger and stand out. You can have a daily bright eyed look or a glamorous eyed look by reading the styling card for instructions step by step.

And the last make up box is called 'How to make smokey eyes'

My favourite. I love to rock smokey eyes when I go on a girls night out. But then again, who doesn't? This styling card will help you to create a classic smokey or a smokey glam look. Make sure you don't use bright lipstick or lipgloss but go for a nude one to make your eyes stand out.

Alright ladies, now that I've shown you all the little make up boxes, let me tell you how to enter my international giveaway:

1. Follow me on Instagram, Like and repost the first picture 
2. Follow The Stylehunter @yon.ontheloose
3. Tag 2 of your friends
4. Comment the set you want
5. Use the hashtag #DonGivesAway

This giveaway will end on December the 25th. Winners will be announced on December 26th because I don't want to disturb you on your family moments during the holidays ;)

Giveaway is officially closed! @yon.ontheloose and I thank all the lovely ladies who entered. My 5 winners will be announced tomorrow 8.00 AM Dutch time. Merry Christmas!!

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