Monday, February 03, 2014

B'day part 2

As you all know my birthday was last Monday. We celebrated at home with the family. I also planned to celebrate my birthday with my friends. And of course that had to happen at Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam

My Saturday started off with a cold...great -_-‘. But was I going to let one tiny little cold stop me from celebrating my birthday with my friends? Really? Hell no! This was my chance to finally let go of every thoughts about school. Hey! nobody said your twenties are perfect.
My friends gave me beautiful and fun gifts, I really love them.  As you can see on the pictures below, most of the gifts were tools for my nails. I think it’s because I have nail polish in (almost) every colour. The only colours I don’t have are colours that don’t exist.

The night was definitely not sleeping because the city was full of life. We started our night at coco’s an Australian club/bar. Too bad there were no cute boys so we acted unattractively as well. Which made us look like lost ducks. One of my friends has that thing with her hear while she’s dancing what makes her look like a dancing version of The Ring. Now that was a total case of “in your face”. The other two of my friends were at the bar harassing the bartenders for more drinks to drown their selves in alcoholism and I danced my ass off without looking or really seeing other people around me which btw was hard to do since the DJ sucked. It was the best wrong party.
The club/bar closed at 3.30 am and we were definitely not ready to leave so we tagged along with people for an after party which apparently seemed to be a gay bar. I found out I didn’t got the memo until I saw guys kissing and be all over each other in front of me. LOL. We finally found a place to dance without getting hit on by guys and were able to just have fun and dance with the queens. And thank God for this DJ ‘cuz his music rocked. They also sang me happy birthday with all the bartenders and they toasted on my b’day.
Obviously the guys weren’t the ones we needed to worry about, but surprisingly the girls were (don’t worry I didn’t do anything) but as for one of my friends she clearly didn’t know what was up. First of all she mistook a straight guy for being gay and second of all a lesbian girl for being straight. Gave us a great laugh though.

The night ended around 6am when we decided to wrap it up and find our way back home. Of course with heels on our feet we didn’t feel like walking so we went by taxi’s to sober up and rest on the way back. We had the most awesome driver. Eventually he said the ride was free because we seemed to be the most fun people he met. No arguments there. Back home (meanwhile 6.30 am) we catched up on the events of the night and ate food before we went to bed. And by drinking lots of water before going to bed, we avoided hangovers when we all woke up at 1 pm.

So dear readers, if you ever plan to go out in Amsterdam on Rembrandtplein, feel free to ask me all about it so that you too will experience a weekend to remember.

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