Sunday, July 05, 2015

London day three 21/06 || Have you ever heard of Camden Town?

This was a long day. It was the Christening of the nephew of my cousins friend. One of my cousins ​​cooked a meal for the occasion. Feijoada, a delicious Portuguese stew of beans beef and pork . We were in such a rush because we had to bring the food in the room before the guests arrived. And above that we also got lost. Thank God we still got there on time and couldn't wait till the party started.

The party was great and the family of my cousins friend are amazing and so friendly. It reminds me of my Portuguese family. The host itself (which is a one year old sweetheart) was thrown into the arms of many relatives and family friends. Once I had him in my arms, I could not let him go (literally because they were waiting for me to leave). There is just this thing I have with kids and I can't help it. Plus he's such an adorable child. 

The night was young and one of my cousins ​​had decided to go partying in a salsa bar in Camden Town. "Have you ever heard of Camden Town" was the question which I got asked and no, I had not heard of it. What I do know now is that Amy Whinehouse lived there. The brothers and their friends were there as well. It is a Puerto Rican bar where people dance with lots of passion. I had no time to get dressed so I wore the same dress I had at the Christening party which is a dress from Miss Guided. Different dress but the same colour like yesterday's dress from River Island (I told you I loved the colour). 

After several hours, drinks and selfies my cousin decided to go and take a look at a place that is much more beautiful by night. A friend of her ​​brought us. After a quick stop at the McDonalds, we went to Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace).  A place where you can see London under the stars on top of the hills. Everything looked so incredibly beautiful and dreamy. Too bad not all photos are successful, but this is definitely a view that I will never forget.


I was wearing

H&M heels
Primark loafers

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