Friday, July 03, 2015

London day one 19/06 || Celebrating my last exam

Passportcase from Ralph Lauren // EOS Lip balm // Sunglass  // purse/wallet from New Look // Ipod

Hey sweeties! 
As you've seen on my Instagram, two weeks ago I went to London all by myself just like last year. London was booked last minute, but hey! It’s always a good idea. I planned the trip because I had a cousins wedding on Saturday. I finally finished my exams and the results were announced a week later, so what better way to just relax in a city like London for more than just a weekend. I know It is not the first summer vacation choice because of the weather, but I'm already used to it from where I come from. 
Okay! Enough chatter. Let me tell you how this long trip began because I was in fact very nervous. And I'm not just talking about the journey.

It began early in the morning with stress. Lots of stress for my final exam. The wedding was the next day and starts early, so I had to leave that Friday. They gave all of the students an hour for the exam and two hours later my bus would leave to London. Luckily I have a very lovely daddy who took a day off from work to bring me at the bus station.  

It was the first time that I would travel by bus/coach. It's cheap, you have access to WiFi and you're able to charge anything ( only with an English plug). The only problem is that it's not comfortable. Definitely not for an eight hour bus drive. After a passport check twice in France, we finally went through the Eurotunnel that would take us to England. The time on my mobile went an hour back and after looking at hills for two hours, I could finally see the busy streets of London.

Finally arrived at the Victoria coach station. I got picked up by my cousin and luckily I have my Oyster card from last year to travel by tube/train and bus. Of course I still have the London Tube Map app on my phone just in case. We went all the way to the North and my family welcomed me with open arms. I told my cousins what a stressful day I've had and I'm glad they understand a student life. We decided to enjoy the day and have lots of fun together by staying in, making plans for the weekend and by celebrating my final exam of the semester with a delicious glass of wine.

Ahh TGIF! 


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