Monday, May 16, 2016

Kalispéra Kríti

I have spend a week in the land of God’s. We went with 15 people (my friend Jamy, her parents and their family friends with their children) to an island in Greece. Crete, a beautiful island where you can dream, relax at the beach or by the pool or you can walk around and spend your time as a true tourist. 

Even tough we where there with 15, everyone did their own thing. Arriving safely at Chania airport and we rented directly four cars to drive an hour and a half to our destination. Beautiful Damnoni. I shared an apartment with Jamy and her parents and as soon as we arrived (at half past midnight) we unpacked everything and then went straight for dinner at their favourite restaurant, Taverne Violakis, where we received a very warm welcome. I have not looked at my menu card for once but the food kept coming. What a service, it’s like they knew I love food. 

That night the owners of the restaurant also lit some fireworks because on that day (May 1st) they celebrate Greek Easter. So Kaló Páscha!!


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