Saturday, July 11, 2015

London day nine 27/06 || Shopping in Westfield

Remember when I told you I had to hold myself from shopping here. Well that's because shopping in Westfield was on the planning for that Saturday.

I've been here before last year. The amazing Westfield, where all the shops and restaurants come together in a huge building. And then suddenly you do not know where to start first. We even forgot the time and it was already late. So we just had a quick dinner at Mc Donalds and then went home. 

It was time to pack. Although I didn't feel like it. I always have struggles with packing. Normally I always take along two suitcases. One with all my clothes in it and the other is half empty and filled with nothing but shoes. This time I was allowed to take only one suitcase. Just one suitcase and so many clothes, shoes and accessories to take. The struggle was real.  


I was wearing

H&M top
H&M shorts here
H&M bag
Vans here

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