Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer favourites

You might have noticed that I didn't do a July and August favourites. That's because I wanted to make a Summer favourites instead. Now lots of things happened this Summer. Working very serious in the hospital for a month to travelling all by myself to London. I'm so glad I could share it with you. Today Summer is officially over so here are my Summer favourites.

Refillable Perfume Atomizer

My favourite perfume at this moment is Aqcua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani. And as you can see it's in a big bottle. As a girl I take lots of stuff with me when going out and sometimes the bottle doesn't fit in my bag. So I take the refillable perfume atomizer instead. I got this one from Ici Paris XL (here) but you can also shop it at your local drugstore/high street. Just fill it in with your favourite perfume and you can take it wherever you go. It's also perfect if you only have a purse or a clutch. (similar here)


The park is the best place to meditate, exercise, to run or to do some yoga. It's also the best place for a walk and to be all by yourself surrounded by nature. (And squirrels lol)

Yoga mat

I've started doing yoga when I was a little girl. But I didn't had a mat. Also I didn't had the time to do it very often so my mat was put away in the closet. I really wanted to relieve my stress and just work on staying calm, because lately I've been stressing out a lot. It was hard to do it in between all the boxes when we just moved, but I was so glad to get my mat out of the closet and to finally do yoga again. I did my yoga exercises every morning in London at the park which was a huge relief. The yoga mat was a birthday present but I'm pretty sure you can buy it at any sport shop. (similar here)

Vita Coco

This was my favourite drink in London. I had no idea where to find these in NL (the Netherlands) but I am so happy I finally found it so to all my Dutchies, you can find it at the Albert Heyn (here) in three flavours. My favourite flavour is with açai & pomegranate. What's yours?

Turkse Tapas (Turkish tapas)

My cousin owns a restaurant in Zaandam (NL), so my best friend and I couldn't help to hang out there and help him with the customers. The food is also sooo delicious and affordable. To my Dutchies who live in Zaandam or near Zaandam, I highly recommend you to come and visit the Turkse Tapas at Zaandam Kalf. It's open from Monday till Sunday and they also deliver at home. When you go there, just tell my cousin that Doneta sent you ;) (website only in NL)


Okay it may look crazy but this really saved my stay in London. Of course I could survive without flat ironing my hair but I also needed my cell phone and I couldn't charge it without this. I bought this one from a street vendor in London.

GoPro Hero 3

Most of my vacay pictures I took with the GoPro. It may be a very small camera but don't be fooled by its appearance when taking pictures. You can just stand very close in front of the camera for taking a selfie and you'll see your body parts in the photo as well. Most people use it for Winter sports or when they go diving because you can buy a protective case so you can also use it under water. My GoPro is from the local electronic shop (Media Markt) and you can also order it online here.

Oyster card

This card helped me to travel for a whole week in London and I didn't had to buy new tickets every time I used the bus or the tube.

London tube map

Speaking about tubes, this map really saved me by travelling with the tube. If I had not downloaded this app I would definitely get lost. It really helped me to find my way in a busy city like London. You can find the app in the app store just search for 'London tube map'.

English flag

In my "22 facts about me" post I told you about one of my addictions. And one of them is collecting flags from countries I've been to. This year it was England so there it is. You can buy the flag at the souvenirs shop in England

Vogue July/August and September issue

Perfect magazine for when you are having a 'me' time.

Grazia uk August issue

It's a lot different to read the Grazia in English but I like the Grazia and I can read in English so that's a win-win!

50 Shades of Grey

Okay, so I may be very late with reading this book but it's because a friend of mine told me it's nothing for me because the characters are very intimately and physically involved. So when my friend started reading eventually, she didn't expect there's also a story to it, it's not just about two people having an intimate relationship with each other. When she finished three chapters she texted me to really read the book and sent me the PDF file. So after seeing the teasers and trailers on Youtube, I'm glad I started reading. I don't read it in a perverted way or so, I just wanted to see the story and characters in my own way like I always do when I'm reading a book. I'm sure all readers give the characters in books their own face trough their own imagination. So to all the single ladies with lots of fantasies or girls with boyfriends/husbands who're looking for inspiration or for guys who need tips and tricks on how to seduce a girl or his girlfriend, I highly recommend you all to read "50 shades of Grey" by El James. You will love this book, have fun reading. I still haven't finished reading the book but I shall definitely have it finished by the time the movie comes out in February on Valentine’s day. Hopefully the movie is not disappointing compared to the book like most other movies do. Well at least we have something exciting to look forward to!
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