Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tips on how to pack

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Facebook then you probably know that I booked for my vacay. I’m not telling you my destination yet (you may guess it). I am going all by myself which is a very big step for me. I’ve been thinking a long time before making this decision, because it’s very scary to travel alone and especially if you’re also very shy. So hopefully I’ll meet lots of friendly people there, clear my head from reality and have lots of fun.

I really love to travel and I was thinking to give you some tips on how to pack. Because somehow I always do it last minute which is a really terrible habit and I’m not planning it to happen this time. We all have had that moment when we just drop lots of clothes in our suitcases without even knowing if we will actually wear them all. I’ve written down some tips that might help you packing ‘’light’’.

1.       The weight

They always tell you how much your suitcases may weigh so keep this in mind. If you are just like me and you love to buy clothes to take back home with you, I suggest you not to bring lots of clothes with you on your way there.

2.       Plan your outfit

It’s best to do it this way so you already know what to wear. You can always combine your clothes and you’ll probably buy new clothes anyway.

3.       Show your clothes

You can show your clothes to friends and family while packing. Just pull some looks together, wear them, take some selfies and send it out for a second opinion. Some advice and feedback can never hurt.

4.       Roll your clothes instead of folding them

This was mommy’s idea. It can help you gain lots of space in your suitcase. Although if you prefer folding them then fold them as open as you can to maintain more space.

5.    Shoes

Shoes are also a must. You can take them with you in a different suitcase or in a huge bag or just in your suitcase. Make sure the soles aren’t nasty otherwise you clothes might get dirty or stained. Also bring an extra plastic bag just in case.

6.       Plastic bags

When you have some dirty laundry, some of them may stink. Use a plastic bag for all your clothes so you won’t have to worry about a dirty smell in your suitcase. This tip is only when you don’t do laundry.

7.       Travel bottles

I use lots of creams and moisturizers. If I have a bottle with a cap on it, I’m sure that could lead to possible leaks in my suitcase. So these travel bottles are very handy to put all the liquid items in.

8.       Mini’s/travel size

In my June favourites you can see the little pots I use. Things like a moisturizer and sanitizer for your hands. Take these instead of the bigger ones.

9.       Make a list

If you don’t know what else to take with you besides clothes than it’s also handy to make a list. Make sure you don’t forget the most important things such as: your passport, ticket, sun cream…

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