Wednesday, August 20, 2014

London day three || Sky lift

Primark blouse // Bershka jeans // red Vans

I think Carnaby street is my favourite place to have lunch so far. I went to Pret A Manger for a take away lovingly handmade sandwich with English chicken, bacon, salad, tomatoes and mayonnaise (that's a mouthful). As for drinks, I had mandarin & lychee.

My cousin took me on a boat trip through the river to Greenwich. As soon as we arrived at Greenwich, we took a walk at the Royal park and I saw the Royal Observatory place where you can stand in between time zones. We then came all the way down 'flying'. No I did not skydive. We went down riding a sky lift/ cable car. You just have to try that when you come to London. I am so glad I'm not afraid of heights because this experience was incredible. When we hit the ground we went to Westfield Stratford to be in one of the biggest shopping center ever. I went and bought some things from Lush. Normally I like to pamper myself during the Winter by taking a very nice bath so obviously I just couldn't resist myself to go and buy some new bath supplies at Lush.

Time flies when you have lots of fun. After a little bit of shopping we went to Pizza Express for dinner. Oh and about the shopping, today was just a little bit of shopping. I'll buy more tomorrow. Stay tuned ;)

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