Friday, August 22, 2014

London day five || Love London

Met Matt again. Oh the fun we had together. Today we decided to go to Buckingham Palace. Apparently the guards changed today and we were right on time for the ceremony even though we didn't knew anything about it at all.

The ceremony last half an hour and St.James 's park is near the Palace so we walked there and sat on the grass to enjoy the sunny weather and had a picnic including waffles with Nutella. Gotta love chocolate. We walked through the park and saw some squirrels. The very first time I saw a squirrel was in London and somehow I just get so excited when I see them so I took lots of pictures. Back at Westminister we went to a place where some of the guards were and took selfies with them. They are the best people ever to take a selfie with. We also went to the National Portrait Gallery, M&M World and St. James's church. Of course we also went back to my love: The Big Ben. Dinner was at the Westminister's Arm pub, and don't get mind blown by the word 'pub', there is a restaurant downstairs. I ordered slow cooked pulled beef chilli with tortilla chips and Matt had sausage & mash. The food was very delicious.

Unfortunately Matt had to go home and it was time to say goodbye, which was very hard for me because I hate saying goodbye. But we will be reunited once again. right Matt? =)

H&M top // Primark legging // Primark shoes
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