Thursday, August 21, 2014

London day four || Shopping in the city

H&M top // H&M shorts // Zara belt // New Look blazer

I finally met a good friend who lives near London. We decided to spend the whole day together and he was my guide for today. Not a good one but I came home safely. LOL! Matt is the best tour guide ever.

We went shopping at Primark (well I bought the most), I got attacked by a pigeon (don’t ask) and then drank some yummy fres juice at Joe & the juice with a sandwich. I highly recommend you to definitely go there to grab a bite and I’m telling you, you’ll keep coming back to that place. Matt had a strawberry/kiwi juice and I planned to have the same but my cousin (the manager of Joe & the juice) gave me a green ‘’yoga’’ juice instead. It was yummy so I had no complains. This place is of course at Carnaby street. And like I said, it’s my favourite place to have lunch. We also went to the science museum. It took us a while to get there because we stepped out a different tube stop (Matts fault).

Despite the rain, we had lots of fun. No reason not to contiue to have fun again! That’ll be tomorrow, of course with no one other than Matt!

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