Tuesday, August 19, 2014

London day two || London tour and reunited with Ben

I woke up early to do yoga at the park. I actually thought that I would be the only one since it's a weekday and most of the people have to work? but there were so many peoples having their workout in the early morning. Some of them had a run with their backpack ( where they have their costume or working clothes in) and run to work. They get dressed, get to work and after work they get dressed back into their workout outfits and run back home. Amazing. I've never seen or heard of this before.

I walked through Oxford street and then down to Regent street and Carnaby street where I had my lunch. Lunch was at a place called Taro. My cousin recommended me to eat the Chicken Teri Don. It is so yummy! I highly recommend you to eat is as well when you're in London. After lunch I really felt like a tourist walking around and taking pictures. I've got reunited with Ben (Big Ben) and saw the London bridge again. We went to a fairground and ended up going to the Tower bridge. Walking through the crowd I saw this castle where people come for the memoriam of the victims from world war one. I stayed there for a while. It looks so beautiful but because of the history and stories behind it made it also heart breaking. Each of those flowers is for each victim that has passed away during world war one.

Later that day we went to Covent Garden but sadly it started to rain very hard so I haven't seen most of it yet. I'm here for a week anyway so maybe better luck next time ;)

Skull top // H&M shorts // New Look blazer

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