Sunday, August 24, 2014

London day seven || Thank you God

It's a sad day because today it is my last day in London. I had the most incredible time here. Traveling on my own wasn't bad after all. It was the best idea ever.

I still have to buy some souvenirs for mom, dad and my siblings like I always do when I’m on holidays but before I do that, I have to pack first. Packing was a struggle. I literally fought with my suitcases, jumped on them and sat on them until they got closed. And all that took me an hour (didn't need a third suitcase after all). It's Sunday and I wanted to go to the church and pray to thank God for giving me an amazing and new experience, for protecting me and to keep following me with every step I make. He is the best guardian angel. I thank Him for giving me the strength for following my dreams and not to give up. I really thought that it would've been a huge mistake to travel by myself but I proved everyone else and most importantly, myself wrong.

If you have a shy personality like me, don't let anyone ruin your plans and/or your dream but keep reaching for it till you grab it. Let everything you do in life be your own choice. It's your road and your life. Take care sweeties and never stop believing in your dreams

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