Monday, August 18, 2014

London day one || arriving and grocery shopping

I’ve arrived in London safely!!!!

I have to say that because my friends and family are very worried. Today my cousin gave me a little tour around Brixton and the place I’m staying. I haven’t seen a lot of Brixton yet but it looks amazing so far. We went to the market and did some groceries (most of them were fruits and five litter water). I also have an Oyster card. Which is a card to travel by bus and tube/train for a whole week without paying every time I step in to a bus or a tube/train. It comes very in very handy since I am here as a tourist after all. And just to make sure I don’t get lost, I downloaded the London tube map to find my way why travelling by tube/train. I went to a Kebab for dinner and had some chips with grilled chicken wings and salad, so far I love having dinner outside.

I’ve tried to film but the outlets are very different than the ones we have in the Netherlands, so I might just figure out what to do about that otherwise I can’t flat iron my hair and my hair will look like a bird’s nest. I’m so excited for tomorrow though. Because I’ll be reunited with Ben again.

H&M dress // Denim vest // Zara belt

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