Tuesday, June 03, 2014

May favourites

New brushes

I really needed new makeup brushes. I'm so happy my favourite drugstore sells them. I didn't buy some “professional" brushes from brands like MAC (yet) because I'm not a makeup guru. But practice makes perfect and if I'll get more tips and tricks about how to apply makeup then maybe I’ll switch over to the professional brushes. Of course I will keep these if that will happen. Girls have many brushes from different brands after all ;)

Brush cleaner

You may own lots of brushes but you also have to clean them. Everybody has their own way to clean their makeup brushes and this is my way to do it. I just bought a bottle of brush cleaner. It cleans, refreshes and keeps the fiber soft. You can use it to wash your brushes daily or once a week. It has a nice scent and smells a bit like some kind of perfume. If you have a sensitive skin type then I'd advise you to use a different type of product or soap which doesn't contain perfume. 

New bag

This bag is from New Look. Love the three colours on it. It give me the opportunity to combine it with clothes of different kind of colours. This is a mini version. They also have a bigger one but I just needed a new little bag because I don't bring much stuff with me lately.

Justin Timberlake shirt

I already posted about the Justin Timberlake concert I've been to and the shirt was really my favourite this month. I still can't believe I saw JT up close. It was really a dream come true. Click here if you still want to read about the concert.

Sushi and Wasabi

Yes I got new pets. They don't do much but sometimes I just can't stop starring at them and laugh because they can do the most silly things. It all started when I begged my parents for a cat by screaming, rolling over the ground and jumping like a little kid who's not allowed to eat sugar before bed. Okay maybe that last one is overreacting but I did beg for a pet that I can cuddle and hold very close to me. As you can see, they said 'no' otherwise I wouldn't have these two fishy friends. But I won't give up and next time when they dare to say no, I'll come home with a different pet. How about a snake?

So this was my May favourite. It’s not much but that's because I didn't use much stuff.  Also because I'm more focused on school because the exams are coming closer and closer. If you're in this exam hell situation as well, then I wish you lots of luck with your exam. Fight for it, don't give up and prove them wrong.


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