Friday, June 13, 2014

Hup Holland Hup!!

Today a match will be played that has been played four years ago. The Netherlands-Spain. Spain-The Netherlands. Only this time it’s not the finals. Spain won the World Cup four years ago with 1-0. I love Spain I really do, I’ve been there last year and had the most incredible time of my life but today I just have to support my country. As usual all of the nail polish I use are from Essence. i got inspired by the Dutch flag and ofcourse the orange colour. I kept it very simple by just painting all of my nails orange and then red, white and blue (like the flag) at the corners of my nails.

What nail polish I used:

Red: 115 Redvolution by Essence
White: 01 white tip painter by Essence
Blue: 129 the boy next door by Essence
Orange:145 flashy pumpkin by Essence

Mexico and Cameroon also played today
Mexico 1-0 Cameroon

Spain 1-5 Netherlands

The dutchies won!! And what a beautiful revenge it was. Expect the unexpected we're not there yet but i'm proud.

Chile 3-1 Australia 

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