Saturday, June 14, 2014

Forza azzurri!

Ahh Italia. A country I’ve always dreamed of going there and that day will definitely come. It’s also a country with lots of influences in fashion. I mean, look how dashing the Italian players look on the picture below. Day three of the World Cup has started and today Italy will be playing against England. I will cheer for Italy and for my “brother” Balotelli. The famous name which mine is very similar of and also one of my nicknames. Yes I do have an Italian last name. Today’s nail art is very simple but I might have used some nail polish the wrong way. I used crack nail polish as a normal nail lack instead of a topcoat. And that also counts for the glitter topcoat. Well sometimes you just have to break the rules right?

What nail polish I used:

Green: 10 crack me! Emerald by Essence
Silver glitter: 03 hello holo by Essence
Red: 156 me & my lover by Essence
Blue: 129 the boy next door by essence

Rhinestones in the colour green, silver and red

Colombia 3-0 Greece

Uruguay 1-3 Costa Rica

England 1-2 Italy

Ben fatto Italia, complimenti per la vittoria.

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