Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April favourites

Okay I admit it. I suck at writing monthly favourites because somehow I just can’t post it on the very First day of the next month. Anyway, I’ve bought lots of things in April. You’ve already seen most of them but I’ll just show them anyway because they were my favourites during that month.

Essence nail polish

There is a new limited edition nail polish of Essence. It is all about cookies & cream. And this cookie monster bought all four of them.


This dark orange top was my outfit of the night at Kingsnight. I just realize that I don’t have a picture of that, sorry for that. In case you wonder how I worn it, I combined it with a leather legging and high heels.

Hmm, where have you seen this top before on my blog? Yes I wore it at Kingsday. I thought it was a dress but as soon as I fit it, it looked way to short for a dress so I’ve worn it with shorts underneath it.

Love this bag. It’s not too big and not too small but just the right size and the right bag to use when you’re exploring places.

This little handbag was very helpful. I didn’t want to walk with the other bag on a festival because I didn’t bring a lot of stuff with me. We all know how dangerous that can be. So I used the little handbag instead. It’s very simple and the colour fitted perfect with my outfit.

These shoes were perfect and the final touch of my whole outfit. I didn’t want to buy shoes with only one colour like black or orange so I was very happy I got them.

Back to the very beginning of April when I went to Centerparcs for a school trip. I knew the weather would be nice so I had to buy a new pair of shorts. I only needed white shorts but me being “me” I bought all three of them.

I own lots of bikinis. But just like I own lots of clothes I still buy more and same goes for bikinis. The colour makes me think of something nautical which I like. The bag came very handy to put in all my things when we went for a swim and Vogue, well vogue is something you just can’t miss.

We also went shopping during my school trip and I bought this shirt for myself at Bershka.

So that was my April favourite. I hope you enjoyed. Have a lovely evening 
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