Thursday, May 01, 2014

Centerparcs day 3

As I told you all before, I love to bake at home on Sundays. Unfortunately the bungalows didn’t have an oven in the kitchen so I decided to bake some pancakes for breakfast instead. According to all the empty plates after eating, everyone found it very delicious.

On this day we wanted to explore. Normally the plan was to go and to the ‘Big Swing’ which kind of looks like bungee jumping. But since we were late with the reservations we went driving through the park. We got lost and went to a different direction then the other group so when we searched for them, and that’s how we pretty much saw the whole park. We didn’t let the bad news ruin our day so after that we just stayed at the bungalow for some girl talk. Also my classmates wanted to go tan in the sun. I think they also couldn’t understand how I got my tan in only three days and why they didn’t ;). After that long rest we decided to go take a swim. By night we took a dinner at the restaurant in the park. We planned to go bowling after dinner. Before bowling we went to take a look at the casino first. I’m not a big fan of gambling so I played table football with my classmates and of course my team won. Bowling was a whole different thing though. I haven’t done it in years and I know I’m bad at it. If you just imagine a little kid rolling a ball with two hands on the floor, you can imagine me bowling. But that day I just did it like the others and prayed I wouldn’t hit anyone as I went back and forth with my arm.

It was our last night together so we talked, laughed and had so much fun by bringing back memories and asking each other questions no one would ask.

(pictures later available: I'm sorry)

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