Saturday, May 03, 2014

Kingsday 2014

If people would’ve made pictures of the Netherlands last week, you would’ve seen lots of orange spots. I’m talking about Kingsday that the Dutchies celebrated last week. It was amazing!

Last year, our queen Beatrix passed the throne to her son, prince Willem Alexander who was crowned king. We used to celebrate Queensday on April the 30th but the first Kingsday was this year on April the 26th. Which was confusing for some tourists because the funny thing was that some of them came to visit the country on April the 30th and wore orange. I guess they missed the memo lol. Kingsday is all about celebrating the birthday of our king but everybody does it in their own way. Some people sell their stuff on the streets, huge markets, others actually visit the city where the king goes that day, you also have people who hire a boat and have a parade on the canals of Amsterdam and then there are people like me and my friends who like to celebrate it at a festival to party our ass off (excuse me for my language). My girls and I initially planned to buy tickets for the “Kingsland Festival” but sadly it was sold out. No worries though thanks to one of my friends who decided to be our hero of the day and got tickets to “Kingsday Festival”. Of course we already started the party the night before, which is called “Kingsnight”. We got out in outfits that includes the country’s colour which is orange and had lots of fun. The next day (officially Kingsday) is the day the real party begins. Me and two of my friends went to the “Kingsday Festival” and it was awesome. It was my very first festival and I’m glad I could share the experience with my friends and of course with my dear readers. After long lost walking and meeting new people we went home to get dressed up for another party at our favourite club at Rebrandtplein where I also celebrated my b’day a few months ago. We didn’t stay for a long time because we were really tired of all that walking so after a few hours we ate something in the city and went home.

I didn’t just take lots of pictures but also made a video just to give you all a look on how it really goes on this day. I also did an outfit of the day to show you how my Kingsday dress up was.


Whole outfit (except the blazer) are from H&M

Next year Kingsday will be celebrated on April 27th see you then ;)

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