Friday, May 09, 2014

My 20/20 experience with Justin Timberlake

I cannot believe I went to my very first concert. And I am so glad my first concert was one of Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee kids.

The concert was a birthday present for my sister who will turn 14 at the end of this month. Both of us enjoyed a lot. Before JT performed the DJ warmed the audience up by playing some very good music. He also played the new song of Justin Timberlake featuring Michael Jackson and gave two VIP tickets away. We didn’t get them but we sat on his left side and for me it were the best seats. My sister and I didn’t want to miss anything so we decided that I would make videos and she would take pictures. JT is a very good looking man with amazing guitar, piano/keyboard and dance skills (wish I could dance like him), he has a very beautiful voice and he can definitely entertain his audience. He sang old and new hits and also “Human nature” by Michael Jackson. It really got hot in there but I think that’s very normal if you’re looking at a 100% pure hotness who is only a few steps away from you. The best moment was when the stage went up and moved slowly forward so we got the chance to see him up close. It was breath taking. I always need something to remember all the things I do in my life so I bought t-shirts for my sister and me and a poster with his signature. Too bad didn’t happened in a meet and greet but hey! I got it and I will give it a beautiful place in my room. I had lots of fun, got inspired and enjoyed so Mr. Timberlake thank you for the amazing night you gave us.

I really enjoyed the concert and am so thankful to my little sister for asking me to join her. Also for her it was the very first and best concert but we wouldn’t get any tickets if it wasn’t for dad so daddy if you read this, thank you very much

Black leather jacket
Shirt: Guess/Justin Timberlake
Pants: New Look
Shoes: H&M


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