Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Centerparcs day 2

Today was kind of a combination of the good, the bad and... the lucky, I guess. I really have no idea how to describe the day. The group almost left without me in the car (the teacher thought I already sat in the car so she wanted to leave the parking with me between the doors). I’m cool though! At least I gave them something to laugh about on the road. Also I almost got hit by someone on a bicycle (he probably didn’t see me, even though I’m pretty visible by my skin colour compared to my classmates) thanks to myself for being clumsy me. Which is very normal by the way. But besides that it was a normal day.

We started the day with some delicious breakfast (eggs with bacon) and then we went to the Japanese garden. I can’t describe how peaceful and beautiful it looked. I felt so ‘Zen’ and calm by the sound of the waterfall, nature and the serene music they played on the background. After visiting the garden, we went to the city to shop for four hours and to have lunch. I wished we had more time to shop, because we didn’t have the chance to see the other side of the city. But we did buy lots of stuff and above all that, we had lots of fun. Back at the bungalows I switched my outfit into something more comfy to get working in the kitchen since it was my turn to cook together with a classmate. We made stir-fried food but not the way we usually do at home. We normally just cook and mix everything together, but we had some classmates who don’t like spicy food or vegetables. So we decided to make everything separately. Of course later after dinner I couldn’t miss the game between Real Madrid and Bayern München. They didn’t let me finish watching the whole game but I was glad to at least see the end. It became very late while the teachers thought we slept like babies but instead we decided to play a very fun game. One of my classmates brought this self made ‘voeldoos’ (Feel Box). The game is about a box in which we need to put our hands in only by one and figure out what kind of stuff we feel and guess what it is. The whole box was filled with random weird stuff and you can only stick your hand trough a small hole. Once we finish we need to write on paper of what we thought the stuff we felt actually was. It was hilarious. She put in the craziest things, even things we couldn’t imagine bringing with us. You can see the faces that we made by looking at the pictures below.

Don’t forget to read tomorrows post about driving through the park, baking pancakes, bowling and the casino

(pictures later available: I'm sorry)
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