Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fashion haul

I'm glad I made some time to go shopping during the sales month and of course during my stay in London. It was just me, myself and that 50% of sale. I'm normally used to sales that starts with 10% and then goes up to 30%, 50%,70% and 75% but some stores already started with 50% en 70%. I also purchased clothes that weren't on sale. And I want you to know that all these clothes and accessories are not bought in one day.

Boyfriend jeans from zara (in sale)

Top from H&M

Bodycon dress from Primark

Bag and purse from Primark

Necklace from New Look

Necklace from H&M

Rings from H&M

Rings from Primrk

Forever 21

I cannot wait to take pictures in these clothes and post them on my blog. Hopefully you like this haul. Have a great day sweeties!


Here's a picture of my kitten playing with the accessories while I was taking pictures. Ain't she cute

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