Friday, March 27, 2015

My absence

So what exactly happened two weeks ago since Doneta didn't get to post a #ManicureMonday. While you were waiting for a new nail art as I promised, I found myself feeling at my worst in the emergency room. It supposed to be a normal Monday as me being an intern at the hospital, but things oddly changed that day.

I really felt bad and I couldn't keep any food inside. The next day I lived literally on water and tea with lots of sugar. Even when I started eating normal again, my stomach still dared to scare me with a nausea feeling. I am soooo sorry for letting you all hanging with lots of questions but social media was the last thing I could think about. Me being sick though really has nothing to do with me being a vegetarian. The doctors told me to control it by eating lots of nuts and meat substitutes. I might start eating fish again according to family and friends (gosh daddy will be happy if that will happen) but I just have to do one more blood test at my doctor to find that out. Start eating meat and fish right away can be dangerous according to the doctors, so if I want to start doing that again I should build it up slowly. I could've started blogging again last week but because of the internship I just decided to give myself another week of rest. I'm ready to blog again now that I'm fully recovered. Being sick is just not my thing so I am so glad to feel like my old self again.

I eat more vegetables and fruit every day so I can compare myself to the guinea pig I used to have. People keep asking me how I do it but as long as I don't think about meat, I don't feel the need to eat it as well. I did eat tofu and veggie meat and I can't wait to taste more so let's start week six with some delicious Falafel.
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