Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My veggie week

I've let you all on social media know that the fasting has started last week. And I decided to participate.... Well, kind of. 

I actually gave up two very important food types in my life. Every kind of meat and fish. I have to admit it's not easy, it's not easy AT ALL!! I live with a bunch of carnivores and it really is disgusting and inhuman how fast they can eat a whole piece of  meat *crying on the inside like a winner*. I already sustained it for a week so giving up is the last thing I'll do. The positive thing however is that I also started drinking more water (again). 

This week I couldn't stop thinking about "unhealthy" foods like fries, sweets, chocolate, muffins, cakes, donuts... (oh that mouth-watering smell when you walk past a cute little French bakery filled with homemade pastries of every kind) -> DYING!!

Weight loss

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't pay much attention on the outside but more on the inside. So if I lose or gain weight I always look at my Q.I/BMI just to make sure I'm still healthy. I'd rather see it myself then keep hearing 'I told you so' from the doctor. I'm a pro in avoiding scales, but I just had to check my weight to make sure everything is okay. And yes everything is okay.

Most people have to go to the doctor to do some tests to see how quickly or even if the things you eat absorb the vitamins in your body. I took the risk by starting my veggie week right away. My plan was to do this for a week. If things get well I'll continue if not (which was almost the cause) I'll go and see my doctor immediately. Please keep in mind to see if EVERYTHING is okay. I know my body but if you have any doubts about yours then please go to the doctor or a dietician for more information, just to be sure.

Daddy is so worried about my new lifestyle and tries to convince me to at least eat fish even though it'll be once in a week. But I've already made my decision.

I am so ready for my second week. But I might need some help from you. If you seem to have any veggie recipes or if you know someone who is a vegetarian who didn't had a great start but made it eventually, please leave them all in a comment below. I would appreciate that. On to the next week!

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