Sunday, July 13, 2014

Netherlands during the World Cup

I am so proud at these guys and the ones who sat on a bench at the side line to watch the game and supported their main players.
They really made lots of Dutchies and Dutch lovers very proud and happy. We didn’t made it to the World cup finals and that’s very sad but we did came very far. Yesterday the guys played their last match of the World Cup 2014 against Brazil. They won and gave us a beautiful third place. Guys keep playing like that and who knows what will happen at the Europe Cup in 2016. A big thank you to the coach Louis van Gaal who’s the only coach who let all the 23 players be part of a match during this World Cup. And also a big thanks to you all for also supporting the Dutchies. Love you guys very much.

The final will be played today. It’s all about Germany and Argentina today. I will support our neighbors the German because Argentina is the cause that the Netherland aren’t playing in the finals against Germany. And let’s be honest, we all wanted this to happen.

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