Wednesday, July 09, 2014

June favourites

I didn’t use much this month because of the exams. And I’m not gonna add my books in my favourites because they definitely weren’t my favourite this month.

Essence limited edition nail polish

I already wanted to do some World Cup nail art but I wasn’t really sure about it. These nail polish motivate me to do some World Cup nail art. The whole World Cup is placed in Brazil and three of these colours contains the colours of the Brazilian flag.

Hand sanitizer

I use this product for a very long time but I don’t know why I haven’t put it in one of my favourites yet. I use the bus and subway when I go to school but there’s not much place over to sit on a bench in the early mornings. So I have to stand and hold myself to make sure I won’t fall. I don’t mind holding the standards because I obviously don’t want to fall. But those standards are very disgusting. Just think about someone who just sneezed and then holds the standards.... or even worse. YUK! So this alcohol gel comes very handy. Even at school. If we want to eat at home we always wash our hands. But how many of us does that at school during breakfast or lunch? That’s also a very good reason to use it.

Hand cream

The alcohol makes my hands very dry so this hand cream is perfect to keep my them moisturized. It’s affordable, petite so you can put it in your purse or make up bag and you also have a bigger version for at home. This one is for the hands and the nails. It takes a good care and strengthens the nails. You also have different ones.

Feet cream

It’s that time of the year again when you can show your feet. And people will also take a look at it. Make their look worth it by taking a good care of your feet. This crème helps me against callus. And this brand owns many things to use for your feet and they’re all available at the drugstore.

The other women (movie)

I’ve seen this movie in a very full cinema and it was AMAZING! I know I will buy the DVD as soon as it will be in the stores. It’s a romantic comedy where the lawyer, the wife and the boobies gets as shady as the men does by taking revenge.
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