Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I did it again!!!!
There it is. My bag hanging next to the Dutch flag. A tradition that lots of students do when they graduated.

In January me and my classmates were like:”just a few months and we’re done!”. Two weeks ago though we were like “oh no, only two weeks left. It all went so fast”. On Thursday we were all happy we graduated. We celebrated it, laughed and had fun but we just couldn’t hide our tears. On stage while the teachers were handing us our diploma, they also gave me an exclusive award for being the most deserving student, because I’m emphatic, I care a lot and I do my work properly. I am so happy and proud of all my classmates and myself. Even though we knew we could do it, we were still very nervous. I can’t wait to see all the girls after five years. We will have a trained children’s nurse/childminder, a private beautician, a midwife/obstetrician and a remedial educationalist with us. I really wish I could say bye bye school but I’m still stuck on it. The diploma I have was needed to start my next study so I still have to call myself a student.

To the ones who also graduated, congratulations!
To all my girls, good luck with your studies or work and your futures. I’m going to miss you all but this definitely isn’t a goodbye. See you all at the class reunion.

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