Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hup België!!

Belgium and Algeria will be playing against each other today. I have Belgian friends and will support their country today and cheer if they score. But as far as I know Belgium hasn’t played for 12 years in the World Cup. So I’m quite excited on how they’ll play today. I can’t stop seeing black, yellow and red dots at the moment. My nails look very simple. I lacked them in the colours of the Belgian flag and added some dots.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Forca Portugal!!

Ready for day five of the World cup?!
Germany and Portugal are one of the teams that will be playing today. Both strong teams with good players who will definitely let us all sit at the end of our chair for excitement. I will cheer for Portugal but I’m secretly hoping for a draw. As for my nails, I got inspired by the Portuguese flag and that’s not easy to do on your nails. I just lacked them dark green and red then I added some tiny gold rhinestones. You all (or some of you) have probably noticed me writing some things in Portuguese on Instagram. Portuguese is one of my native language so I decided to also write in Portuguese for you.
Enjoy the game.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Allez les bleus!

Le quatre journée de la Coupe du monde a commencé et aujourd’hui l'équipe de France joue contre Honduras

France is a place you just have to visit at least once. I can remember me going to France every year when I was a little girl. That’s the good part of having family there ;). Today my nails also look very simple. I used beautiful dark colours from Essence and did a stamping to place the famous Tour Eiffel on my middle finger.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Forza azzurri!

Ahh Italia. A country I’ve always dreamed of going there and that day will definitely come. It’s also a country with lots of influences in fashion. I mean, look how dashing the Italian players look on the picture below. Day three of the World Cup has started and today Italy will be playing against England. I will cheer for Italy and for my “brother” Balotelli. The famous name which mine is very similar of and also one of my nicknames. Yes I do have an Italian last name. Today’s nail art is very simple but I might have used some nail polish the wrong way. I used crack nail polish as a normal nail lack instead of a topcoat. And that also counts for the glitter topcoat. Well sometimes you just have to break the rules right?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hup Holland Hup!!

Today a match will be played that has been played four years ago. The Netherlands-Spain. Spain-The Netherlands. Only this time it’s not the finals. Spain won the World Cup four years ago with 1-0. I love Spain I really do, I’ve been there last year and had the most incredible time of my life but today I just have to support my country. As usual all of the nail polish I use are from Essence. i got inspired by the Dutch flag and ofcourse the orange colour. I kept it very simple by just painting all of my nails orange and then red, white and blue (like the flag) at the corners of my nails.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ready for Brasil!

Just a few hours left and the first match of the World Cup will be played. And of course Brazil is one of the first playing teams. Brazil will be playing against Croatia. I did this nail art as an inspiration of the Brazilian flag and I used the colours of the new Essence limited edition which is called “viva Brasil” (of course)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World cup fever

Who’s ready for the World cup? No wait let me say it in a different way. Are you ready for the World cup!!? I know I am. If you aren’t, then I’d say ya’ll get ready very soon because they’ll start tomorrow. Because of all the different time zones, a few matches will be played by night and even at midnight. So be prepared for some screaming hooligans and craziness that will kick off.

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