Monday, October 20, 2014


You guys I live with a teen who's obsessed with Thirty Seconds To Mars. Today I got inspired by one of my little sisters idol: Jared Leto. She is (what she calls) an Echelon and keeps talking about Jared Leto, the lead singer of 30STM and she's already saving money just in case the Rockband will come and give a concert in Amsterdam or even Antwerp.

Okay I admit Jared is one hottie and I love his hairstyles. Look at the photo below. When he ombred his hair black and red. I did my nails just like his hair and I also added the Echelon sign he has as a tattoo on both arms in gold.

To all the Echelon's (30STM fans family) I hope you like this nail art and if you want to see more of 30STM inspired nail art in a different colour or one of Shannon or Tomo's tattoo, just leave a comment below or use the hashtag #LFrequests on Twitter and maybe I'll do one next time. Also don't forget to vote for 30STM for the EMA's in Glasgow England ;)

What nail polish I used:

Black: 144 Black is back by Essence
Red: 114 Fame fatal by Essence

My favourite song of 30STM is Kings and Queens what's yours?
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