Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Rainy September

Hello everyone! And hello September. Time flies when you're enjoying fun times during the Summer. Or shall I say Autumn. We’ve had so many fluctuations with the weather. One day I could enjoy a beautiful summer day and the other days I just wanted to hide myself from the rain.

My day started great. Such a nice sunny weather and I had a fun time enjoying a little stroll at the park. It was hard to find an outfit that will fit the weather since Autumn has begun much earlier. But I'm glad I was able to take these pictures in the morning before thunder and lightning start because there is also rain predicted for today.

I'm about to watch the VMA's with my sister. We couldn't watch it on Sunday because it went live at 3am here and I had work on Monday morning.

Hopefully September will be an amazing month after all and let's all hope that I won't catch a cold again although the weather tempts me to stay inside. Enjoy your day sweeties.


I was wearing

T shirt from Zara
Belt from Zara
Boyfriend jeans from Zara similar here
Loafers from New Look
Statement necklace from New Look
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