Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Makeup shopping

I've told you this once and I will tell you again.  I am very very bad at doing my own makeup. But I am so glad I have heroines in my life. My eternal gratitude goes to my best friends and YouTubers who teach me all the tips and tricks. I now know what I will need to transform my face with makeup. Girls thank you so much!

After walking around without any makeup for two and a half months I had had enough. I will and shall teach myself how to do my own makeup. 

And today is the big day!  I will let the makeup artists at Ici Paris XL pamper me today and buy the makeup I really need. I have my list with me and my sister goes along just in case I get enthusiastic and buy more makeup than necessary. 

I think it's actually fun to be able to play with makeup and to try different looks to see what suits me best. Instead of the standard: eyeliner or eye pencil, a nice colour on my lips and mascara as a finishing touch. Therefore I found it useless to buy lots of makeup without even knowing where to use it for. 

I will also buy skin care products. Like a day cream which works nourishing and as a protection during the cold days that are coming. And cleansing cream to remove all the makeup off my face before I go to bed. VERY important girls! 

What are your favourite drugstore / high street stores to buy makeup?  Oh and please leave a comment below if you know more makeup must-haves that I definitely should have in my makeup bag. Be aware of my skin tone whilst doing that ;)


I was wearing

Shirt from H&M
Skirt from H&M
Hat from H&M
Shoes from Zara (in sales)
Watch from Guess
Rings from H&M and Primark
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