Monday, April 20, 2015

Pastels at school

Pink // lilac // yellow // green // blue

School starts again today.
I'm actually in school now. We have a break which means that it's a great opportunity to post my manicure Monday :).

Speaking of which. I really suck with keeping my manicure Monday scheduled. I didn't even do one last week *slaps wrist*. My nails were (as I call it) nude. Which means that they weren't varnished for the whole week. The reason for that is school. Yes, if things like this happen then I have to put school on the first place. I will take things in a different way though because I like it if my nails are varnished. They finish my whole outfit. I kept today’s nail art very simple with cute Pastel colours and added a rhinestone in the middle.  

Now be easy on me and please realize that I'm not a full time blogger (yet) but a full time student instead. So I can't make promises of any article I will post on my blog. Even my weekends are very busy. I know I should take rests and keep in mind that it is okay to fail. But it kind of hurts me if I don't hold on my schedule and disappoint you. So I apologize for not posting any article last week. I'll make it up with you though ;-)

Happy Monday sweeties.

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