Thursday, April 09, 2015

My March faves

It has been a very very long time since I wrote one of my monthly favourites. Lots of you seem to like my monthly favourites blog posts so I'll just continue doing it every month. Let's start with March. 

Essence eye pencils

Eyeliners always do the magic with my eyes. They somehow make my dark brown eyes pop out and make them look bigger.  I have chosen these following colours from Essence cosmetics as a favourite this month and cannot wait to buy more. 

Rimmel Kate Moss

I'm in love with the Rimmel Kate Moss in number 08 which gives my lips a very beautiful natural pink colour. I just can't stop using this perfect nude shade I use almost every day. 

Maybelline colour tattoo

This one was bought during the Winter, as you can see from the colour. The Maybelline colour tattoo is my saviour when I'm in a rush. It's a creamy eye shadow which makes it very easy to apply. Just blend it out and you're done. I don't have make up on for 24 hours, but this sure does last all day long on my eyelid.

Pretty little liars

I had already started watching the series when it came on TV, but it was only one time per week and that was on a Saturday night. I'm not often at home on a Saturday night so I missed some episodes.  And that's why I decided to start watching everything again at Netflix (which also belongs to my favourite)  and this by keeping a marathon.  I started around January and am now in season five.  But I'm confused.  Some people say that A has already been revealed while there are still two more seasons left. Guess I still have to wonder who A is.  Who else is curious? 

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