Sunday, February 22, 2015

4 Shades of me

What a weekend I got last week. A girls night on Friday, Valentine's day with the girls on Saturday and then Carnival on Sunday. I don't even know how to call it. Valentine's weekend, Carnival weekend or birthday weekend..? Just like every year I celebrate my b'day twice. One time with family and one time with friends. I celebrate it with my bestie because we have the same friends and our birthdays are quite close to one another. But.... every year I celebrate it with friends, crazy things happen.

Day 1 The bad luck at Jimmy Woo

Okay let's start with Friday the 13. Arriving at my bestie and receive my late b'day presents. From chit chatting about school and work to preparing ourself for a wicked girls night out. This time in Amsterdam at Leidseplein. Our plan was to go to club Jimmy Woo because we heard of this party called “please don't tell " (as in we weren’t there). But things ended up different. Arriving at the club and standing outside in the winter cold in a line in front of the door just to wait until we could finally get inside. We expected to have an awesome time at this club for the whole night but people were leaving while we just got inside the club and after a few minutes we decided to leave as well. We then went to club Lumina which is a few clubs next to Jimmy Woo. Going inside the club and looking at a couple kissing wasn't what we expected. But the DJ got us falling in love with the lovely song of Balkan sensation Galena. Even though there were only the four of us on the dance floor, we really got into the music and didn't care. And that was a good decision because after a few minutes a whole bunch of people came into the club and we all had a crazy night with lots of fun.

Day 2 Meeting Mr. Grey on Valentine's day

Home sweet home around 6 am, but we all woke up early in the morning with bad breath, crazy hair and fake eye lashes on our cheeks haha. We had our reservations at the cinema for the night. Yes! Finally the girls were about to 'meet' Mr. Grey. So far I call it the best movie of 2015. I will not tell you all about it but I do HIGHTLY recommend you to watch the movie, (read the book first though). You can read my opinion about the movie on my other blogpost here. The night was young, so back home we did the same thing like the night before. Preparing our self for another girls night. Again in Amsterdam Leidseplein and again in club Lumina. This time there were more people when we got in. But things went different that day as well. We had so much fun, had the time of our night, made lots of friends but unfortunately my bestie didn't feel good later. That sweetheart even told us not to worry about her and also told us to keep partying and have fun (yeah right). After a few minutes we saw her in a worse condition and decided to stop and go back home. She was carried outside by the lovely security guy to get some fresh air. We stayed outside for a while till she could walk again but that didn't go well either. Thank God a friend of ours picked us up and brought us home. What a night.

Day 3 the Carnival Hangover

Arrived at 7.30 am and woke up at 11 am with a what-the-f*ck-happened-last- night face. All gathered up in moms bedroom to chat about the sweet little things that had happened last night. Ow the adventure we had. I'm glad everyone had an amazing night and we all came home safely. We didn't really celebrate Carnival although there were some people at the club on Saturday with amazing costumes (read more here). But we somehow got really hungry we decided to eat hamburgers and ice cream from the Mc Donalds. We seriously looked like four girls who just came out of jail LOL. We are so glad they invented the Mc Drive.

When you decide to visit Amsterdam, first of all let me know so we can party together ;) and second of all go to club Lumina at Leidseplein. There are lots of clubs in Amsterdam that I haven't seen yet but I will. And if I do, I'll let you know how it was.
Happy Sunday sweeties. 

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