Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mr. Grey will see you now

Ah Valentine's day. The day when you decide to send that love letter. The day most couples are stressed out about because they feel forced to prepare the most beautiful and perfect day. Cards, chocolate, dinner... Anything to impress your crush/partner. Also the day I went to 50 Shades of Grey.

Ow the inspiration I got for today's nail art. 

When I think about love, romance, sensuality etc I immediately think of a red colour and black lace. Today's nail art is all Grey but with a touch of red from 'the red room of pain' I got inspired by.

While most of the people celebrate Valentine’s day with their lovers or future lovers Meesmuilend gezicht, I celebrate it by going to the movie 50 shades of grey with some girls in the family.

What a movie!  I Definitely call it the best film of 2015. I will try not to say much because some of you have not seen it yet. The film is based on the first book and I am so glad I finished it just in time.  A book is much more extensive than a movie.  If you've read the book then you'll notice that there are some pieces missing, but those are just the little things.  If you have not read the book then I recommend you to definitely do that. You will understand more about the details. I also hope they'll make a movie about the other books which I have to start read. I like to take advantages of books because when I read, I like to take breaks like movies (just to get more exited to read more the next day). The story becomes more and more interesting. They described Christian Grey exactly how I would so I can't wait to read more (btw thank you lil sis for the Christmas present). And actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan definitely did a great job.

I enjoyed my day and also the fact that I got to share this with my family and friends made it even better.  Hopefully you've also had a nice Valentine's Day. That counts for everyone.  Single or not, everyone deserves to have a nice weekend, whether it's a holiday or not. Happy Valentine's weekend sweeties
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