Wednesday, October 01, 2014

September favourites

I know I’ve posted a monthly favourites last week but I got to keep on track with my schedule. It’s the first of the months so here I am with another Monthly favourites.

Led booklight

I love reading and I think I might call myself a bookworm. Even though I read before bedtime, I just keep ending still reading in bed. I remember the time when I was busy reading an exciting chapter and then all of the sudden mom or dad came upstairs to complain because the lights were on so late. If you are a bookworm like me, you'd probably understand how I felt. That's why I bought this little Led light. I come late with this but that's because I mostly read my books on my tablet and obviously don't need lights for that. You can place this little light on top of the book so the pages will be lightened. The little light might be small but the light itself is very bright. So hooray to no more rushing in your room just to turn off the light every time you hear footsteps of mommy or daddy.


It started to rain last week and I like to take baths when that happens. Especially after I arrive home soaked from the rain or on Mondays after spending hours on homework. I light up some candles with a wonderful and gentle fragrance that spreads through the room, put some relaxing music on and free my mind.


New lipsticks from Ici Paris XL! And in colours that perfectly suits Autumn. These are lipsticks that don’t give a matte look so I don't need to use a lip gloss on top.

here and here 


I've been using the Maybelline New York mascara for a while and this time I bought the 'feather look'. The brush is flexible, I don't have lumps on my lashes after applying it and it gives my lashes quite a nice volume I need.
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