Thursday, October 16, 2014

A normal schoolday/girlsnight

Throwback to last week when my day started as a normal school day but ended up as a girlsnight. Instead of starting class in the very early morning I was able to sleep in for another 2 hours. It may sound short but it's a lot for a student. 

After school a few classmates and I were invited to stay with a classmate who's sleeping in rooms and is thereby far away from her family. So we decided to keep her company and make her feel good and not homesick at all. We laughed and talked a lot like girls always do. By night there were only three of us and we put on the Vampire Diaries (starting all from the beginning). And what's a movie without pizza. Good things always comes to an end. Sadly I had to leave because I had plans for the next day. But one of our classmates stayed with her so she wasn't alone.

This was a fun day/night and so far I really like my new class. I also can't wait for more girl times with my classmates. 

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