Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Centerparcs day 1

Hello sweeties.

As I told you, my classmates and I went on a school trip for four days.
I didn’t want to be anti social in front of my classmates by being all focused on the blog and leaving all the work for them to get done in the bungalow we stayed in. That’s why I took a break but am now back and ready to share all the things I’ve experienced during my time on the trip.

The school trip was in Belgium at a huge park where families can stay in bungalows and do all kinds of activities. Lots of people come there to spend their holidays. It’s called ‘Centerparcs’ and it’s so beautiful. I thought staying in the nature with nine girls (including me) and only two teachers would be the perfect recipe for major drama, but surprisingly it turned out not that bad. It was so amazing and we had lots of fun starting the first day. Check-in was at 9.30 AM but we weren’t allowed to enter the bungalows till 2.30 PM. So we left all our luggage in the cars, decided to have a brunch and make our planning’s for the following days. After the planning we visited a petting. I love animals so I really took my time to stay with them to show my affection, give them attention and love. After seeing guinea pigs. On one side I felt heartbroken because of the loss of my own guinea pig last year, but on the other side I was also happy being around cute animals so I guessed I’d be visiting the petting every day ;). As soon as we got in the bungalows, picked rooms and organized our luggage, half of the girls and the teachers went to the stores to get some groceries. Yes we had to cook ourselves. Three of my classmates made delicious spaghetti Bolognese and after dinner we went for a swim at the amazing swimming paradise. By night fall we went to the teachers bungalow to celebrate one of the teachers birthday and after that we had a girls night with lots and lots of fun.

On the next day we went to see the Japanese garden and also went shopping in Hasselt. Stay tuned for tomorrows post.

(pictures later available: I'm sorry)
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