Thursday, May 07, 2015

Throwback to Kingsday!

On monday the 27th of April we (dutchies) celebrated the birthday of our king Willem Alexander. As you might have read my article from last year (here), you've probably known Kingsday is a national holiday in the Netherlands.

My friends and I got the tickets for the Kingsland festival very early this year. You've already seen my outfit on social media or 'here' and I noticed some of you added me on Snapchat to see and follow me through my whole journey. This is the second festival I've ever been to in my life and man, was it awesome. Amazing people, amazing DJ's, just an amazing day. As always, most of the people were dressed in the color orange. I know there were more festivals but we decided to go to Kingsland since we didn't get the chance to go there last year. It was very busy when we got there. My girls and I  had to dance our way through the crowd because we wanted to stand all the way at the front. On the way to the stage we came across many fun and friendly people and even ended up taking pictures together. It was really nice meeting you all and I really enjoyed it. We were halfway there and that was the moment where my bestie and I had lost our friend. Yes, we did search for her and called her for about a million bazillion times and were worried sick. It's just not that easy to look for one girl in an insane crowd like that.

Eventually (after searching for half an hour, which felt like 100 years), we found our friend sound and safe. We also finally found our way to the stage where we could see the DJ's perform and took more pictures. Before we went home, we ate fries and left the festival. The plan was another girlsnight out, but since we already did this on Saturday and Sunday for the Kingsnight celebration, we decided not to go and stayed to relax at home. But just like always, we had lots and lots of fun!

Hopefully I will get to meet many of you on a day like Kingsday. I highly recommend you to come and celebrate it with the dutchies. Next year it will also be celebrated on the 27th of April. Btw where are my readers from? And what's your national holiday? Leave it in the comments below and who knows, maybe I'll come and celebrate it in your country ;).

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