Friday, May 22, 2015

My April faves

Hey sweeties! I'm very late with my mothly favourites but it's better late than never right. So here they are, my April favourites.

Rimmel London lipstick

There is this thing I have with lipstick. I somehow am obsessed with them and end up with lots of them as well. Here I have two lipsticks from the brand Rimmel London I used most of the times. 

EOS lipbalm

Winter or not. I often have dry lips.  Besides Vaseline I use a lip balm. My little sister advised me to buy the lip balm from EOS. They have them in different colours and flavours. It happens often that I accidently move my tongue over my lips (no wonder they're dry that often).  I opted for the red one with strawberry as a taste.  And now I'm very curious on how the other smells like. 

EOS handcreme

Next to the shelf with lip balms, I also saw a shelf with hand creams. Unfortunately they didn't had other colours, but that did not matter at all. I just needed a new hand cream at that moment and I find this one amazing with a delicious smell. The cream is also in a nice shape and easy to squeeze for a little bit of the cream. 


This is something very different than a beauty product, but it's a part of my favorite. Snapchat. Something which actually existed much longer, but is now really popular with most people. Some of you already follow me and saw my Kingsday journey. I will keep continue using this app and share more pictures and videos with you. So follow me on snapchat under the name Doneta_B 

I hope you all have a great day. Enjoy your weekend.

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