Thursday, September 25, 2014

London Haul

I promised you so here are the stuff I've bought during my stay in London.


I normally buy things from Lush during the Winter but this time I just couldn't help myself.

If you want a colour show in your bathtub then I suggest you to use Granny takes a dip. Just let it fall in your bath, smell the nice, uplifting and warming scent and enjoy your bath-time
This is a bath bomb with glitter and a delicious smell of blueberries
They have this bubble bar in different colours and they all smell equally delicious. I chose this one because it has such a beautiful colour combination and it looks Summery. Crumble a piece of bubble bar under running water for a bath full of delicious bubbles.


When in London. Yes I just had to go to the Primark even though we have one in Zaandam as well.


I own make up brushes but someone told me that the brushes from Real Techniques are good. A girl has never too many make up brushes so I just added these to my collection.


I doubted a lot before buying the next item. I'm not a huge fan of foundation because I find that it's like putting a mask on your face. That's why I only use it at special occasions. I am 'experimenting' with face creams and haven't find the right one yet so my face gets sometimes darker, sometimes I just have my own skin colour (which is by the way lighter than you see now) and sometimes I get spots. And I'm not even talking about acne. Thereby I cannot buy the right foundation. A make up artist gave me the tip to use Nars sheer glow and I was like, let me just give it a try. First of all I'm glad I've found a colour that is the same as my skin colour (even though I'll have to change it later). But now I just can't wait to use it with my new brushes.

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