Friday, February 07, 2014

My January favourites

I decided to do a post about my January favourites because if I’ll wait any longer it won’t be of any use. January is the month of sales. You can find it everywhere in the supermarkets, at a drugstores and of course at the clothing stores. Despite the sales I didn’t buy much, which is very odd. Normally I’d set up an early alarm so I can be the first one at the mall to avoid all the craziness and drama women cause as soon as they see the word ‘sale’. Another reason for me not shopping is that my birthday was this month and I wanted to avoid buying things I might’ve received from friends and family, because that wouldn’t be the first time it happened. So I decided to buy just a few things I really needed instead.

Scarves are very important items during these times of the year. This scarf is from H&M. I think it looks lovely and includes soft pink, grey and brown Aztec colours which I really like. It’ll be also perfect for the Spring since the Spring doesn’t often bring us warm weather.

Another thing I bought from H&M are these shoes. It’s very hard to find shoes of your size during the sales, especially if your size is the most common one. I really like the salmon pink colour with the gold studs on it. These shoes will definitely make me flirt with the Spring if I’d wear them with a cute swing skirt or shorts.

As soon as I saw this skirt I knew I had to have it. I bought it at Zara and they only had two left, lucky me! The other one was black but both of them were in my size. I am the kind of girl who prefers to wear bright colours during the Summer to let my skin colour stand out. So that’s why I choose white and I’m very happy with my choice.

The last thing I bought is this cardigan. I wouldn’t say it’s really warm but I just think it’s a nice fashionable item and it can be easily combined with other clothes. This is also bought from Zara and I can perfectly wear it during the Winter, Autumn or a cold Spring day.

I hope you like these kind of blog posts. If you would like to see and hear more of me, you’re welcome to add comments below and maybe I’ll do monthly favourites. Also feel free to share your monthly favourites with me.
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