Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday nails

We all get older whether we like it or not. But of course we all want to look flawless on our birthdays, no matter what age. From clothing to make up and from accessories to nails. You want everything to look perfect since it’s your day.

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with my family at home. I wore a simple daily outfit (t-shirt and jeans) and I never forget to do my nails. I decided to keep it simple to match my outfit. The polish I used to paint my nail with has lilac colour. I have the words “happy b’day” covered in glitter on my index finger, my name also covered in glitter on my ring finger and a cupcake with lime green and petrol polka dots on the side on my middle finger and little finger.

Sadly for me, I could only do my nails on one hand since I am not allowed to wear nail polish at the workplace for my internship. And for a girl who loves nail art, it sucks.

What polish I used
Lilac : 149 hello marshmallow! by Essence
Glitter top: 04 a walk in the park (stop for an ice cream) by Essence nails colour3
Lime green : 150 upper green side by Essence
Petrol : 03 life is a freeride by Essence
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