Saturday, April 30, 2016

Need a vacation

Here's one of my newest purchase from Essie. 'Need a vacation' is a beautiful soft pink colour which suits the pastel theme of this month. And the name of the nail polish comes in handy for my next travel update.

I need another vacation (again haha). A vacation where I can rest on the beach or at the pool or maybe I'll walk around and enjoy the wanderlust of a different country. I had already booked a vacation when I came back from Spain in January. And so far I've been a weekend to the North (Venhuizen) to visit a friend and I also went to the coast with colleagues for three days but we didn't swim, because it was too cold for that. Kingsland in Amsterdam three days ago was awesome as always. And I am about to leave to my next destination in an hour. This time I'm going to Greece.

A totally unexpected and quick decisive break. I couldn't let go such an opperatunity because Greece has been on top of my bucketlist for a very long time. After Greece I will work hard for two weeks and at the end of May I will leave to Gran Canaria for 10 days with a friend. London and Germany are also on my list for this year but I don't know if I'll go alone  again or with a travel buddy.

We are now in Germany at Düsseldorf airport and our flight leaves in an hour. I will pray for safe trips and flights and definitely for blessings, lots of fun and new adventures. I also hope that I will make new friends and learn lots of new things because you are never too old for that. Enjoy your weekend love.


Nail polish:

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