Monday, October 05, 2015

Nail polish haul

I thought that it would be nice to share this with you all since I also post nail arts on my blog. I am not a nail art artist (yet), I have no degree or certificate, but I am doing this just as a hobby. You can read all about my love for nail polish here. Now let me show you what nail polishes I purchased lately.


O.P.I  NLN25 Big apple red - here
O.P.I  NLF16 Tickle my france-y – here

All my nail arts are so far did with nail polishes from Essence. But I'd like to change that. Yes, Essence is affordable, but I'd also like a nail polish that lasts longer than three days on my nail. So hello to my two very first O.P.I nail polish. It's a bit on the expensive side that's why I bought only two for now. I opted for the colours red, black, white and nude as must haves  (you know you cannot go wrong with these colours). And if I like the nail polish, I'll buy more.  Hopefully I won't get too excited and end up with more than 100 nail polish from O.P.I after two months. I think that's only possible with nail polishes from Essence or any other affordable ones.


Essence the gel 32 Discreet agent - here
Essence the gel 45 Yummiiii! - here
Essence the gel 53 Rock my world! - here


My Essence 'the gel' collection keeps growing. I have 29 of them (including these three) and I want to have them all. As I said, nail polishes from Essence are affordable so it's easy for me to collect all the colours of this brand. 

Essence I <3 trends (the Darks) 16 Well plum - here
Essence I <3 trends (the Darks) 18 Happy new green - here

I also like the I ♥ trends collection from Essence. They have six nail polishes from 'the darks' collection and I got these two beautiful colours. Perfect for the Autumn.

Hopefully you liked this nail polish haul. Leave in the comments below what nail polish you have on your nails now. Don't forget to mention the name of the nail polish and the brand. Enjoy your Monday!

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